Located in the heart of the golden triangle, Shirvan Paris invites you to travel for a captivating experience. Its unique creations are inspired by Levantine gastronomy.

Restaurant capacity: 520 PAX

Address : 5 place de l’Alma, 75008 Paris

Phone : 01 47 23 09 48

Email :



Opening hours:

Monday / Thursday : 12/14h30 - 19/22h30
Friday / Saturday : 12/14h30 - 19/23H30
Sunday : 12/15h -19/22h30


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A festival of wonders fresh, fried, grilled, smoked, pink, green, blue, crimson. Everything blends, merges. Diving into the heart of this world is like biting into endless shades. In the warm, diffused heat of the tandir oven, intensifying the perception of flavors and aromas, the only rule is that of invention and sharing.

Discover the menu